Monday, June 7, 2010

The one about the BRAZIL AMAZON RIVER MISSION a month from now!

Dear Bloggers and Friends,

I have an awesome opportunity to participate in a mission project with Loma Linda University and Student International Missions Services (SIMS ) this summer (July 7-20, 2010), along the Amazon River in Brazil. Loma Linda University and SIMS, partner with the Central Amazon Conference (ACEAM) in Manaus, Brazil and a non-profit organization Social Action Volunteers of the Amazon (ASVAM), to provide care to indigenous people who live in villages along the Amazon River and Rio Negro.

Our group works with local Brazilian doctors, dentists, nurses, pastors, and other volunteers to travel by boat to villages along the Amazon River. Each day we will set-up medical and dental clinics in the local schools, under trees, or possibly even in homes. The majority of the health issues we treat are, but not limited to, malaria, worms, pre-natal care, leprosy, skin rashes, dehydration, gum disease, and a variety of dental needs.

While people are waiting to be seen in the clinic, we provide dental and personal hygiene education for the families. We also hold a Vacation Bible School for the children; sharing Bible stories, sing songs, do arts and crafts, play soccer, and much more. We serve anywhere from 50-200 people in one village.

Our newest project that we have incorporated into this trip is the Latrine Project. The people use the river to wash their food, bathe, brush their teeth, use as a restroom, as well as obtain drinking water and fish. This contributes to the health issues that the people are dealing with today. Our goal is to build latrines and provide environmental health education to the villagers.

Will you help me raise $1800 for this Brazil Project? Your tax deductible donation will help purchase medical, dental, Vacation Bible School supplies and building materials for the latrines. Follow this link to make a donation.

Thank you for partnering with me on this project. I am excited to see what God has in store for me this summer and please keep us in your prayers!

In Him,
Just Jess

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Sean said...

So how was the trip? I'm sorry I didn't check your blog sooner. . . I would have donated!