Sunday, June 3, 2012

#20 The Road Trip

I've always wanted to journey cross country on a long road trip to experience the various regions of the US in their raw form. There's so much to see! Now that I'm out of school I have the time to travel but unfortunately, I'm still under budget constraints to take such a trip. I did get an opportunity for a (mini) road trip up to Bend, Oregon! Driving up north through plain golden brown California was not a new occurrence for me (since I went to PUC and made that drive often), but driving past Mt. Shasta and the Oregon border was a new and exciting experience! Oregon is so green! We got to Bend, which is outdoor heaven, and filled the very limited non-rainy days with outdoorsy activities: mountain biking & canoeing. The rest of the days were filled with touring breweries, movies, and (tax free) shopping.

"I use antlers in all my decorating!" 
I felt like I was staying at Gaston's place

Complete with a pond & mermaids 

 Mountain biking on Whoops trail! Such an adrenaline rush!!!

Panoramic view from the top of the Phil's Trail

Then off to some night canoeing at Three Sisters

Silvery moonlight on Elk Lake

Old St. Francis Theater for dinner and a movie

Panoramic of the beautiful greenery of Oregon!

Panoramic on the trip back, the sky was gorgeous! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

#21 The bike ride to the beach

I love the beach. I love riding my bike. Why not ride my bike to the beach? That's exactly why it's been on my list of things to do while 25, and now I can say, it's been done!

It's an easy ride (no hills) but a long ride (over 40 miles roundtrip) to the beach. I went with a group from church on a warm sunny Sunday morning. We started on the Santa Ana River Trail near Yorba Linda and arrived at Newport beach for a perfect beach day! We didn't get to actually stay at the beach for very long, but we ate at one of my favorite post-surf spots in Newport called Big Belly Delly. I have to admit I was pretty tired when we got to the beach around lunch time, so on the ride back I lagged plus I was in food coma mode, very tiring. Overall, a fun ride and nice to check that off my list!

I tracked most of the ride on my phone, my longest ride - 46 miles!

Beauty (my Felt) and the beach!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The halfway point

A little while back I talked about a bucket list of things I wanted to do while I'm 25 years old. With some help from my friends, I've made a list and checked it twice (but honestly it can still change). Here is what I've come up with:

1. Get my ears pierced
2. Read the Bible in a year
3. Write more letters
4. Send a message in a bottle
5. Learn how to pour a latte (latte art)
6. Go to a Drive-In movie
7. Go to LA Art Walk
8. Go sailing
9. Take a pottery class (and be able to use something I make)
10. Master a famous recipe (suggestions?)
11. Lead climb
12. Graduate college & graduate school (Class of 2012!!!!!)
13. Move out
14. Find a job I love
15. Go white water rafting
16. Hike to the Hollywood sign
17. Bungee jump
18. Take dance lessons
19. Read 25 books
20. Go on a road trip
21. Ride my bike to the beach
22. Grow and use fresh herbs
23. Go on a cruise
24. Surf everyday of the week
25. Be in the audience of The Ellen Show
A lot of these are basically 25 things off my ultimate bucket list of things to do before I die. I picked feasible things that can be accomplished within this year that aren't super costly. I figure I'm in my 20s, I should be having the time of my life, why not knock off 25 things off that list? And hey, maybe I cheated a little because I knew that I'd already be graduating this June but if you guys have any other suggestions of things to do, let me know!
Since this month marks the halfway point of my 25th birthday, thought I'd give you guys some kind of update on this now seemly incredibly long list.

11. Lead climb
It was Thanksgiving and instead of playing football in the morning (that has been a tradition with some of my church friends for years) I went climbing at Frustration Creek with my friend Stephen. It was just the two of us who could go and we went early in the morning, cold and overcast, especially since we were higher up close to the mountains. There was quite a hike to get to the good routes but it was so worth it! Stephen said this place was a great spot to learn how to lead climb so he lead climbed the first 5.10 so I could just top rope it just to be safe. "Totally doable" I thought after I was lowered down. Different story when I was leading the climb. I was extra careful and conscious, sure that now the route felt more like a 5.12 level. It was freezing and I was loosing tactile sensation on my fingertips! But even though I took my time, I had done it! Lead the route with no falls, ohmygosh such a rush! I don't have pictures of us climbing cause that'd be totally unsafe, but here are just a couple pics I took with my phone that morning.
overcast view of the mountains from Frustration Creek 
"Frustration" Creek
"quite a hike to get to the good routes"

16. Hike to the Hollywood Sign
For awhile my classmate Mandi and I wanted to go hiking together and I took her to a local spot for UCR students...The C. We had a little trouble finding our way to the hiking spot, so finding the trailhead was an adventure in itself. We finally got to the C (which I had been to before) and as we sat there enjoying the view, I told her I really want to go to the Hollywood Sign but never got around to doing it, or planning a trip all the way out in LA. She was immediately stoked on the idea and said that she'd be down to do it next time she was in town. The time came in March and we went! Unfortunately the day was overcast and cold (just my luck), so we weren't able to really see much of the Hollywood sign at a distance, or a view of the city, but it was still a fun hike nonetheless. Here is a picture collage of the HOLLYWOOD sign and another sign we saw along the way! ;)