Saturday, November 26, 2011

The 25 one

Yesterday, November 25, 2011 was my 6th week of being 25 years old. Why is that important? Well, because I pierced my ears on my 25th bday and 6 weeks marks when I can change my studs into fun earrings! Yay! Today I wore the fun beaded earrings I purchased when I was in Africa!

Here was my motivation to pierce my ears...

Okay, just kidding. But getting my ears pierced have been something I've always wanted to do, when I was 16, then again in Australia when I turned 20. I remember my Saipan principal Barbara saying how she collected fun earrings from her travels around the world & her husband Sean loved listening to the stories of where her earrings were from. So when I turned 25 I thought, why not get my ears pierced now? Why wait?

On a different note, my friend JP had a bucket list of 25 cool things to do while 25 years old. Some of those things included: skydiving, running 25 miles, tomato fight, and going to 25 concerts that year. Some of the things on his list I've already done, some things I have no interest in doing, and some I'd love to do, too! I was inspired by his list and I'm thinking of doing one myself. I'm not sure what would be on that list of 25 things to do while 25, but I know I can check off at least 1 so far...get my ears pierced...check!

the piercing...

Stay posted for more.

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Mai said...

Wow, how exciting!! I can't wait to hear what else is on your list. Hmmmm...... perhaps I'll start writing my "30 list" - only 3 years away, yikes!! Thanks for the inspiration! :D