Friday, April 13, 2012

The belated MLK day

I'm staying in on a rainy cold Friday night tucked into my Snuggie with a cup of lemon and honey tea, and I'm reminded on another rainy day that happened earlier this year in February. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I had it off (which was nice because last year while interning at the hospital, I didn't get any days off)! What did I do? Well, I stayed home wrapped in my Snuggie and read the Hunger Games in a day (no I'm not ashamed of it, I deserved the break). But what was more relevant was the Sunday before MLK day. I got to spend all Sunday climbing outdoors! My friend Stephen invited me last minute because he wanted to break in his brand new quick-draws. It was the perfect weather for climbing and a mostly empty quarry with good 5.10d routes. Between routes I met other climbers and there was a guy who brought his two akita dogs out that I got to play & cuddle with. At the end of our climbing day, forearms pumped, grip strength burnt out, quick-draws broken in, while hiking back to our car my friend Stephen proclaims "Life is good!" "It is" I reply as smile appears on my face. Then he explains further, "I feel like I'm living my a kid, I dreamed I would become a rock-climber and every time I get to go climbing outdoors, I feel like I'm living out my dreams and my dreams are coming true." How (cheesy, yes, but also) awesome is that!??! In an unconventional way, I thought it fit perfectly with the MLK weekend and his famous "I have a dream..." speech. Not quite the same dream, but a dream nonetheless. It inspired me to live out and pursue my dreams...and that's what I plan to do more often.

Here are a couple pictures of MLK weekend that I have left on my phone:

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Sean said...

Ha! I finished the Hunger Games in a day too! This past Sunday to be exact. Borrowed it from Tali! Good book!