Saturday, September 22, 2007


I’m terrible at expressing myself with words (i mean, haven't you noticed I'm a quiet person). So I’m sorry for my lack of skill and Blog posts. But here goes:

Every week, I start off by wishing it was Friday again. The days never seem to go fast enough; it’s always a vicious cycle of early mornings, long busy days, and nights worrying about what needs to be done the next day. I’ve never genuinely said “Thank God It’s Friday” the way I have been lately.

Last Friday was really amazing. Barbara was so generous; she let me off work one hour early so that I could go to Guam for the weekend to see my friends. I went with the Pierson’s who were going there for the Guam SDA Clinic’s 50th Anniversary celebration. It was a busy weekend. But I savored the two full days of not worrying about school, spending time with friends, meeting new people (who were my age), seeing the beautiful island, and having no responsibilities! Here are some pictures from Guam:

The Pierson's during Sabbath at the clinic in Guam

We're in an old WWII cave

This Friday there was no school and we had our Staff Retreat at the Maturana. It was nice to enjoy Thursday night street market, and sleep in a little on Friday morning. I think we all really needed this weekend, not just to relax, but to reflect on our purpose of being in Saipan and connect (or reconnect) with God and each other. It was just what the doctor called for. I think we should have staff retreats every month! Here are some pictures from this weekend:

Here's Barbara : doing the leadership thing

Hand & foot pampering with Riki's sweet music

Cooking in silence

Waiting in silence

Look at the banana's I found just growing right outside! I decided to share:

Judith & Eva deep in prayer thoughts

A different perspective

Veronyka and I =)

candle, Judith & Jesus!

While I was waiting for our next activity to start

Coconut trees along the path leading up to the Maturana

That's all folks, "back to life....back to reality!"

Oh but wait, here's another from the Church's baby shower. Ha, look at Sean I bet he's in the middle of saying: "one for the blog" or something like that....


Sean said...

Great blog Jessica! You described the weekly cycle spot on!

I will be stealing those pictures for my blog.

Anonymous said...

You did a great job expressing everything. Keep Blogging!! xox


Bev said...

yay! You're blogging!=) glad you got to experience Guam . . . the nearest city experience! lol

John Dax said...

Are those the Bates on Guam? Man, I remember when they were small enough for me to carry around the clinic! Please tell them that Uncle John from Saipan says, "Hafa adai."

John Dax said...

Oh, wait! Is that Janner Joy too? Wow! All the famaguon I remember are all grown up, and like Sean said to me a few weeks ago, "Doesn't bode well for us, my friend." Nice to see them again, but now I feel ancient!