Thursday, November 1, 2007

October Overview

October is finally over. It has been a busy busy busy month. Now things can finally slow down.

It started off with a step in the right direction. Week of Prayer at school, and I had volunteered to help. It wasn't as bad as I thought, planning/working with Pastor Eliki, spending time with him and Nem, teaching new praise songs, and watching the students learn to pray. What a blessing!
Pastor Eliki & some students during prayer

The first weekend of October was our only free weekend, so we took the opportunity to go camping at Managaha Island. It was nice and relaxing being away from tourists, without electricity, laying out under the stars, sharing creepy riddles, and listening to Riki's sweet music.
The ferry boat ride to Managaha

Mai, Judith & I up in a coconut tree

Mai holding a crab

Riki jumping off the dock

Derick with a blue starfish

View of the tiny island from the water

Me, basking in the sun

We had the Monday off from school because it was Commonwealth Cultural Day here is Saipan, but it was also Canadian Thanksgiving. Mai made pumpkin pie and Judith cooked crepes for breakfast so we stayed in our pj's eating the delicious food and watching a movie.
Mai posing with her homemade pumpkin pie

Judith being Judith

Yummy crepes

Breakfast and a Movie

After that weekend, I started noticing that I had a cough that just wouldn't go away. I finally decided to see a doctor because it was so exhausting coughing all the time. I felt fine, I was over my cold and my voice was back back, but the cough was ridiculous! I was so worn out! The doctor informed me that it was the viral infection bronchitis that had spread down my throat because of the cold I caught weeks ago. That busy, desolate week finally passed but Friday seemed to drag on forever. I was out running errands with Sean all afternoon and buying our Scuba gear. We arrive home past sundown even more pooped than before. But as I walked in my mood changed because my roommates threw a surprise birthday dinner for me, and everyone was in our tiny house greeting me with warm smiles and yummy food.
Trying on my new scuba gear

The weekend continued and was full of blessings, we found the cutest little puppy, did some door knocking in Kagman and had diving class & ice cream on Sunday.
Sunday dive lesson

Sean was pretty stoked

We had ice cream at Big Dipper to celebrate my b-day.
It was a very memorable Birthday.

There was no sign of slowing down, the next week was spirit week at school. Here's a glimpse of it.
Monday- Pajama & Bad Hair Day.
Sisters: Rinka, Uran & Anna

Tuesday- Cartoon/Superhero Day
Tyler was Muscle Man

Staff picture: L-R Daphne, Ninja, Catwoman, Violet Incredible, SpongeBob, Hercules, Belle

Wednesday- Decade Day

Thursday- Dress-up Day

Friday- Olympic Game Day
The White Team trying to be 'White Ninjas'

Tug of War is hard

That weekend there was a Japanese Lantern Festival. It reminded me of Loma Linda Japanese Church. I miss it. Look how cute these Japanese girls look:

Fast forward to the next weekend: Our JV Volleyball team won first place at the tournament! We had a pep rally to pump up the team. Judith and I painted our faces white and blue to support them and kept it on while running our various errands. It brought me back to the good ol' high school days.

Sabbath at Kagman: Tons of yummy vege food!

After Church service and Potluck, we went out again to pass out fliers inviting people to come to the meetings. It was very hot and muggy, we passed by this house with a beautiful yard. They were outside so we talk a little and we learn her name, Linda, and she invites us to sit in the shade and have some drinks with her. She is a pretty amazing woman with ten children! I love how the Chamorrow's are so family oriented and friendly.
A few shots from Linda's beautiful garden

Relaxing at Tank Beach

Momma dog and her puppies

Sunset in Kagman

Sunday morning rain was pouring. It was productive, Mai, Judith and I went running in the morning and had breakfast at Shirley's Coffee. Mai glances over to the next table and notices SDA in the newspaper with the heading: "SDA dethrones Wispering Palms" Exciting! We left the coffee shop in search for our own copies of the Sunday Saipan Tribune.

It's been a very eventful month, and on the 31st it ended with a tremble. It was during my break around 1pm and I noticed the heavy bookshelves clattering. My heart beating a little faster. I run into the other classrooms and sure enough, they felt it too. A 7.2 earthquake that originated near the northern island of Pagan. I hate earthquakes. To me, they're the most terrifying natural disaster because there is no getting away from them. But thank God we're alright. Hopefully I wont be experiencing anymore.

Happy November.


Mai said...

October was a tough month, but it had some really great times too! I liked your overview of the month - very well done.

Sean said...

Ah, like an eclipse, a beautiful, momentous, and rare vent. . .a blog by Jessica!

I thoroughly enjoyed it! And I agree with you about earthquakes. We had a pretty strong one a few years ago and I was freaked out for days afterwards.