Thursday, January 28, 2010

The one about REVO

What is REVO?

I found myself asking the same question a couple years back when there was a REVO event at PUC. I missed it because I was away in Saipan that year. Anyway, REVO is a grassroots movement that started in Hawaii on the simple basis of love. REVO, comes from "revolutio" in Latin, means "a turn around," and says that we'd like to change the world by becoming the change. This means we will not just watch social injustices as they happen, stand by while people suffer, or go on life as if there is nothing we can do about it.

Living a life of REVO does not necessarily mean drastic change every day, but a way to rethink our lives, to redefine what we think is necessary, to see the needs of others and put them before our own. This could mean anything: smiling at strangers, inviting a homeless person to a meal, being nice to the people we can't stand, and so much more.

Change is a big, and we can't do it alone. REVO is a movement that allows us to connect with each other, and to a world outside that we might not have even known existed. It connects us with people across the nation and even the world, who are all striving for the same thing: Love.

Sarting this year, there is a REVO La Sierra which consists of students at La Sierra Unversity in Riverside, California, working with the community around them, both far and near. I got this info here. Interested? Check it out. REVO La Sierra will be raising funds for the project of Gakoni Orphanage in Rwanda. More on this to come.

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Sean said...

Great concept. Looking forward to hearing more about it. Miss ya, Lee!