Thursday, January 28, 2010

The one with all the Longboarding

I have a penchant for longboarding.

Longboarding with the girls, for the last time at PUC.

For my therapeutic media class, we each have to analyze and teach an activity to our class. At first I had no clue on what I would do, but my old roommate Ashley blurted out, “you should teach longboarding” and the idea stuck. I spoke with my teacher, and she could tell I was excited about the idea so she supported me fully. Then I called up some friends to gather boards for my group of classmates I’d be teaching, I was able to get 11 longboards! The next step was analyzing the activity of longboarding. When you break down longboarding, like we OTs were taught to do last quarter, there are so many steps to longboarding, along with client factors, performance skills and safety precautions. As always I was nervous about my presentation, but on top of that, I was concerned about the weather because it was so rainy and stormy weeks and even days before. But overall, it turned out great. I am really loving my Therapeutic Media class. I’ll probably blog about it more once the quarter is over and we’ve done everyone’s activity. Anyway, here are pictures from my little teach:

going outside to try my activity, partnering up, wearing helmets because safety comes first!

ways to adapt: partner up, have friends guide you, or sit on the board.

My teacher even gave it a try

After my presentation for class, my week didn't slow down. I had to study for a test in another class and write a couple more papers, but as soon as the weekend came around, the sun was out, and I had to go for my own longboarding ride. Here are some snapshots from that afternoon =)

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Cara said...

hahaha! the picture of joy and you actually looks like you were really moving... kinda =)