Monday, January 18, 2010

The REVO SD one

Last weekend I trekked down to the REVO San Diego event held at Australian Bar & Restaurant The Bondi in downtown San Diego. Downtown San Diego really reminds me of a cleaner, smaller, slightly warmer downtown San Francisco because of all the confusing one way streets. Anyway, this REVO event showcased donated work by local artists and a silent auction, like the one in LA, this time benefitting Street Angels Ministry a church ministry organization reaching out to local homeless youth. SAM representatives were there inviting people to participate with them in engaging in kindness. There was also a DJ featured, spinning a sweet indie mix and tons of hipsters making a fool of themselves on the dance floor! I love to people watch. Here are some pictures I took of the place:

This giant painting was placed right at the entrance. I didn't get a shot of it in its entirety.

The bar, with some awesome surfboards.

There were booths made by tons of metal boomerangs

some green art, made by recycled cardboard

Remember when you were RAD?

My friend Jaylene and I in one of those booths. Look out, she's organizing a REVO LSU. More on that later.

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